Scratch is a free, open source drag and drop programming language to help young kids understand basic programming concepts. It was developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US to allow kids to build games, animations and stories. Here in CoderDojo Athlone, we have one room dedicated to teaching our younger members this fun and interactive language. Check out the Student Projects page to see what some of our members have built.


We use Codecademy to teach members HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Codecademy is an online bank of tutorials on multiple programming languages. It is completely free and easy to use. These languages are the building blocks of millions of websites on the web. Once the students have the basics, they can begin to build their own websites on their favourite topics.Check out the Student Projects page to see what some of our members have built.


Eclipse is a code editor which you can use to program in various different languages. We use it here in Athlone to program in Java to build Android Applications. in our App Development room, we help members to build basic applications for their Android Devices. Our mentors recommend that you havs some experience in other areas of coding, even Scratch, before you enter the App Development Room.

Kata CoderDojo was built as a resource for other Dojos to share information on what they are using and 'teaching'. It contains many links to tutorials on lots of programming languages and is a brilliant resource for anyone wishing to learn a programming language.